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 Sign Up Information

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PostSubject: Sign Up Information   Fri Sep 12, 2008 11:52 am

[center]Hi there, tongue


Here at the clan we are what is known as BaseBuilderholics, what does this mean you ask?
Well basically we love Base Builder Mod so much we only occasionally use any other type of
game style.
If Base Builder is not your scene then you won't be happy here, if however you love Base Builder like us then you will be definitely be joining the right clan.

We don't just sign anyone here at freaks like other clans may wish to do.
Although this may seem offputting it has it's benefits to us and especially to you also if you join up with us.
The last thing we want is retards,perverts or dumbasses in our clan, we want nice friendly people who fit in with the rest of us here.

Your game skills are not important here, to be honest you can be an average player we don't worry as long as you are a nice person that matters more to us.
In joining the clan you will also notice immediately that we are nice folk too.

We take part in regular games together where FUN is the objective NOT stats or league tables!

Online all our clan members use the Fom tag before their name as well as receiving a rank as well.
You will be able to display these tags & rank once you are a clan member.
All clan members have access to our great forum where you can participate in various discusssions and also find out important information about the clan.


We are getting tired now of new recruits taking us for a ride joining the clan & rarely or never showing up here in the forum.
A clan isn't just about playing the game you know.
Yes of course we play the game and have fun but we also take great pride in our forum where we can continue the fun.
The forum also provides information of what the clan is currently up to or planning.

From now on ALL new folk wishing to join the clan MUST sign up here at the forum and will be put on a weeks trial period and will be monitored during this time to see if they fit our requirements.
During this trial no tags or rank will be given out you will be just known as a "trial recruit".

To succeed in becoming a full member of the clan you will have to make sure during this period you take part in the game and are active in the forum also.
Active in the forum means posting replies and making topics up yourself.

Once the week has expired and we are happy with your commitment you will be rightly rewarded and receive your rank & tags as promised.
However if we feel you have not been active enough during the trial we will unfortunately have to let you go.

If you do successfully become a member of the team although you wont be under strict observation anymore you still have a responsibility to make an effort to be involved with the clan & forum still and keep on posting whenever you can.You must not think for one minute i am in the clan now it dosn't matter.
If we feel you ARE doing this then we will politely inform you and if after a while it still continues you could possibly face consequences.

So do you think you fit this criteria and your still interested?

Well why not get in touch with us here and let us know!
Just leave a reply below....

Make sure you leave your email address so we can contact you



To Register: You must fill in the registration form including your emaill address and the user name you wish to use here at the forum.
We use our clan names here minus the Fom tags, you do this too.

Also you will need to make a password up too, make sure you write this down & put it somewhere safe incase you forget it.

You will not be able to access the forum immediately until an administrator gives you authorisation to do so by activating your account.
Once your account is activated you will receive an email to explain it has been activated. You will then be able to access and use the forum.

So? What you waiting for? Step to it soldier...... Very Happy

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Sign Up Information
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